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Dress Your Garden with 'Ball Gown


Add elegance to your garden with Heuchera Ball Gown from the DRESSED UP® Series.


Versatile Beauty for Every Setting

Discover the chartreuse counterpart to the previous sensation, Evening Gown, with Ball Gown Heuchera . 


A Standout in Containers and Garden Beds

Embrace the versatility of 'Ball Gown', thriving effortlessly in both mixed and mono containers, as well as garden beds.


Enrich your garden with the exquisite allure of Heuchera Ball Gown from the esteemed DRESSED UP® Series. A luminous chartreuse companion to its dark-leaved counterpart, Ball Gown boasts generously ruffled leaves and unparalleled landscape performance.


While 'Ball Gown' excels in garden beds, its charm knows no bounds, flourishing equally well in both mixed and mono containers. Ensure optimal drainage for optimal performance, and watch as Ball Gown graces your outdoor spaces with its radiant presence.


Ball Gown showcases more scalloped leaves with a delicately serrated margin, complemented by creamy white blooms that add a touch of elegance to any landscape.


Known by it's common name, Coral Bells, and renowned for ease of cultivation, Ball Gown seamlessly blends with many perennials, enhancing the aesthetic appeal of any landscape. With their low, mounding habit, they serve as exquisite edging along pathways or as striking accents in containers.


Explore the versatility of Ball Gown by incorporating a few tall flower scapes into fresh bouquets, adding a touch of natural splendor to your indoor spaces.


Flourish with Ease

Experience the effortless beauty of 'Ball Gown', blending seamlessly into any garden or container arrangement.


Ball Gown Heuchera invites you to adorn your outdoor spaces with timeless elegance, effortlessly blending into any setting.


Enhance your landscape with the enchanting allure of 'Ball Gown', available now for purchase. 

Ball Gown Heuchera for Containers & Garden Beds

SKU: HH35429
  • 11 inches tall x 28 inches wide.

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