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Discover Shade Garden Bliss with El Niño Hosta: A Tapestry of Elegance 


Unveil the Beauty: Delight in the medium-sized wonder of El Niño Hosta! Its heart-shaped leaves, adorned in chalky blue-green, feature creamy yellow margins that gracefully lighten with maturity.


Floral Symphony: In mid to late summer, be enchanted by the violet-blue bell-shaped flowers dancing atop sturdy stems.


Resilient Grace: The thick foliage of El Niño Hosta is stunning blue and  slug resistant, ensuring lasting beauty in your garden. Deer are less impressed as well, but no guarantee. Pair El Niño with vibrant variegated hostas for a breathtaking display.


Transform Your Garden with the  allure and resilience of El Niño Hosta, a masterpiece that elevates your outdoor space.


Experience garden bliss today!

El Niño Hosta: Stunning Blue and Slug Resistant - Quart

SKU: HH8268-Q
  • 14 to 20 inches tall by 20 to 40 inches wide.

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