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Experience the Beauty of El Niño Desert Orchid

Unveil the allure of the Desert Orchid, where captivating dark purple flowers mimic the elegance of orchids. This remarkable shrub, a fusion of desert willow (Chilopsis linearis) and catalpa (Catalpa sp.).


Thriving in Adversity: Hardy and Versatile

Embrace a plant that defies the odds—El Niño Desert Orchid with low maintenance fragrant flowers that thrives in the arid heat of the American Southwest and everywhere else while enduring poor soils with grace. Whether you reside in dry climates or more humid regions, this resilient shrub welcomes you with open arms, showcasing its resilience with lush foliage and abundant blooms.


Your Garden's New Muse

Captivate hearts and minds with breathtaking blooms. Experience the joy of late spring and early summer as vibrant flowers burst forth, filling the air with an enchanting fragrance. Easy to cultivate and a delight to behold, this flowering shrub promises to be a cherished highlight of your landscape.


Bring Home Beauty Today

Transform your garden into a haven of natural splendor. Embrace the allure of El Niño Desert Orchid and witness the magic it brings to your outdoor space. 

El Niño Desert Orchid: Shrub with Low Maintenance Fragrant Flowers

SKU: HH15245

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