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Discover the Fast Growing SPRINTER® Boxwood: Disease Resistant and Deer Proof

Welcome SPRINTER® Boxwood into your garden, where its rapid growth ensures fast beauty. This improved, fast-growing form of 'Winter Gem' offers glossy evergreen foliage that remains attractive year-round, enduring winter weather with ease.


Fast Growth, Lasting Beauty: A Gardener's Dream

Watch in amazement as SPRINTER® Boxwood flourishes, showcasing its glossy foliage and upright habit. Its fast growth rate makes it perfect for low hedging and landscaping, offering a quick solution to enhancing your outdoor space.


Durable and Dependable: Hardy and Disease-Resistant

Rest easy knowing SPRINTER® Boxwood is hardier than English boxwood and free from the characteristic odor. Its disease-resistant nature, including resilience to boxwood blight, ensures long-lasting beauty without the worry of common ailments.


Why Choose SPRINTER® Boxwood?

  • Enjoy fast growth and lasting beauty in your garden.
  • Admire glossy evergreen foliage that withstands winter weather.
  • Use its upright habit for low hedging and landscaping with ease.
  • Appreciate its hardiness and disease resistance, including protection against boxwood blight.


Order Today and Transform Your Landscape with SPRINTER®

Fast Growing SPRINTER® Boxwood: Disease resistant!

SKU: HH7241

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