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Experience FIZZY MIZZY® Sweetspire, the Proven Winners 2024 Landscape Shrub of the Year



FIZZY MIZZY® is the Proven Winners 2024 Landscape Shrub of the Year. This little beauty defies convention with its heavenward-shooting white flower spikes in early summer, making it a standout choice for any landscape.


Pure White Blooms

Savor the intoxicating fragrance of FIZZY MIZZY's pure white blooms, a delightful contrast to its thick, dark green leaves. Each flower spike reaches skyward, creating a visual spectacle that captivates both the eye and the senses. Its lush foliage provides the perfect backdrop for its abundant blooms.


Neat and Compact

With a tidy habit, FIZZY MIZZY® brings order and elegance, hether nestled in a container or planted in the garden.


A Haven for Pollinators

Welcome pollinators to your garden with open arms as FIZZY MIZZY® beckons bees and butterflies with its nectar-rich flowers. Pollinator-friendly plants contribute to the biodiversity and beauty of any outdoor sanctuary.


Revel in this unconventional beauty into your garden. The scented blooms, tidy habit, and pollinator-friendly nature of Fizzy Mizzy® are sure to be a hit.

FIZZY MIZZY® Sweetspire Shrub of the Year in 2024

SKU: HH10241

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