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Transform Your Shade Garden with Hi-Class Hosta and  Revel in the Beauty of Blue-Green Foliage and Creamy Yellow to Crisp White Margins – A Must-Have Hosta for Discerning Gardeners!


Hi-Class Hosta brings sophistication in shade gardening. Look close. Can you see the almost blue gray varigation where the leaf color transitions to margin? This exquisite hosta plant emerges in spring with blue-green foliage, adorned with a creamy yellow edge that matures into pristine white, creating a masterpiece that captures the essence of perennial hosta beauty.


This perennial gem isn't just a plant; it's a statement piece that remains vital in your shade garden until a hard frost graces the fall. 

Don't miss the Hi-Class finishing touch – delicate lavender flowers in summer, adding a touch of romance to your shade garden.


Ready to enhance your shade gardening experience? Hi-Class Hosta is your answer.  Add Hi-Class to your hosta garden and create a captivating display that commands attention.

Hi-Class Hosta

SKU: HH7667
  • Our #1 bare root hosta signifies a premium, top-quality plant ready to transform your garden. The "#1" designation indicates a bare root system of superior size and health. Our #1 bare roots have been grown for at least one year before being ready for sale and grow up to a full gallon-sized plant in their first season. They’re more vigorous and hardy than hosta liners, which are also called "starter" hostas.

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