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Make a BIG Bold Statement with Ligularia 'Big Green Tractor'


Formerly Tractor Seat

Introducing 'Big Green Tractor' with dramatic foliage for your shade garden. Massive, deep green leaves reaching an impressive 16 inches across command attention.


Standout Foliage

Each leaf features a serrated margin and a dissected form, creating a foliage display that is unmatched in impact.


Long-Petaled Flowers

Golden yellow flowers with long petals bring a little light, but seriously, Big Green Tractor is all about the giant foliage.


Make a Spectacle in Your Shade Garden

Transform your shade garden with Ligularia 'Big Green Tractor.' Stand out bold foliage makes a statement in your shade garden.

Ligularia 'Big Green Tractor': Giant Leaves for Shade

SKU: HH13243

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