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Experience the brilliance of PUGSTER PINKER® Dwarf Butterfly Bush with giant blooms and bold color


Discover the next evolution of beauty with PUGSTER PINKER® Butterfly Bush. Replacing its predecessor, Pugster Pink, this stunning variety boasts even deeper, richer hues while maintaining its trademark massive blooms on a compact, tidy plant.


Pruning Made Simple: Prune with confidence only after new growth emerges in spring, cutting back to just above a set of large, healthy buds for optimal growth and flowering.


Versatile Beauty for Any Space: With its dwarf habit and oversized flowers, the Pugster® series of buddleia is the perfect addition to perennial gardens, mixed borders, containers, and even as neat and showy edging.


Flourishing Blooms: Plant in full sun to witness the best flowering display. Enjoy continuous blooms without the need for deadheading. In clay soils, elevate the planting slightly above ground level to ensure proper moisture diversion away from the plant's center.


Features That Delight: Attract pollinators while enjoying the benefits of a compact, deer-resistant, and drought-tolerant plant. Revel in its fragrance, withstand the heat, and anticipate the joy of reblooming throughout the season.


Choose PUGSTER PINKER® Butterfly Bush and invite a symphony of color and charm into your garden today.

Pugster Pinker Dwarf Butterfly Bush: Large Blooms, Easy Care

SKU: HH04715
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