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Bring Grace and Charm to Your Garden with Stand by Me Pink Clematis


Straight-Up Elegance: Experience the charm of 'Stand By Me Pink' Clematis, a refreshing departure from traditional vining varieties. Completely herbaceous, it gracefully restarts from the ground each year, promising a perennial spectacle in your garden.


Season-Long Splendor: Watch in awe as profuse blooms adorn your landscape from late spring to early summer, extending their vibrant colors until the fall. Delight in the allure of attractive cream thread-like seed heads that follow, adding an extra layer of visual interest.


Lush Greenery: Accentuate your garden with broad, green foliage that serves as the perfect backdrop to the delicate blooms of Stand By Me Pink.


Bush Clematis: Stand By Me Pink thrives with a little support. It blossoms into a focal point in your outdoor sanctuary bringing the unique charm of a bush clematis. Ensure the best display by providing support such as staking, cages, or neighboring plants.


Reimagine Your Garden: Ready to add a touch of timeless elegance to your landscape? Choose Clematis Stand by Me Pink and embark on a journey of enduring beauty, year after year.

Stand by Me Pink Bush Clematis: A long-blooming perennial beauty

SKU: HH01255
  • 40 inches tall by 25 inches wide

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