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Discover the Distinctive Appeal of Amsonia Storm Cloud

Introducing the charming Storm Cloud Amsonia, commonly known as Bluestar, to your garden.


Versatile Beauty, Season after Season

Amsonia Storm Cloud is versatile and perfect for both northern and southern landscapes.


Spring Elegance, Summer Resilience, Fall Grace

Experience the dynamic transformation of Storm Cloud Amsonia throughout the seasons, from its striking spring emergence to its enduring presence in summer and fall.

As spring awakens, Storm Cloud emerges with stems tinged near-black, adorned with dark green leaves intricately veined in silver, creating a captivating contrast against the backdrop of your garden.


The arrival of delicate periwinkle blue, star-shaped flowers signals the peak of spring, enveloping the foliage in a veil of ethereal charm.


But the allure of 'Storm Cloud' extends far beyond spring – it continues to captivate throughout the warmer months, maintaining its garden presence with effortless grace.


With its wide, mounded habit, it serves as a versatile alternative to shrubs, seamlessly integrating into any landscape with its verdant appeal.


While younger plants boast a vase-like form, Storm Cloud matures into a majestic specimen, commanding attention with its expansive growth. Ensure ample space to accommodate its development, and watch as it flourishes into a botanical masterpiece.


Enjoy the ease of gardening with 'Storm Cloud', a low-maintenance, heat and humidity tolerant perennial that deer tend to avoid.


Native Beauty

Storm Cloud Amsonia is a native perennial deeply rooted in North American landscapes.


Add Amsonia Storm Cloud, now available for your garden.

Amsonia Storm Cloud: Periwinkle Blooms and Season-Long Beauty

SKU: HH9675

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