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A Symphony of Perennials, Shrubs and Hostas

At Hosta Heaven, we don't just cultivate plants; we curate an experience for your senses. Immerse yourself in a collection of the newest and most unique perennials and shrubs, carefully nurtured for your garden. While our heart beats for hostas, our nursery embraces an eclectic tapestry of plantings, ensuring your garden delights all who find solace there.

We are a boutique nursery with a unique and varied selection at competitive "neighbor" prices. Find the plants you won't see at local big box stores and others. We love gardening at Hosta Heaven and have developed a pricing strategy that encourages gardening among both new and experienced gardeners.  

Explore the
Hosta Heaven Collection

Shop for great plants at great prices from a nursery committed to the new, unique and unusual.

Hosta Heaven 

Get ready to turn your garden into a haven that flourishes and captivates all who behold it, a garden as unique as you are!

We want your gardens to Flourish

Imagine your gardens as a symphony of colors and textures! Bursting forth from a deep-rooted passion for gardening, we envisioned a utopia where vibrant gardens are not just a luxury but a contagious joy shared by all.

Dreams blossom into reality. At Hosta Heaven, the dream took root.

Our mission is clear: Transform the exclusive world of beautiful gardens into an inclusive celebration for every enthusiast, without breaking the bank.

How do we do it? It's simple, really. We offer a curated selection of both new and harder to find older plant varieties at prices that'll make your neighbors do a double take.


Show me the plant deals: Sometimes, our deals are so good, they're lower than wholesale! Why? Because we believe that the beauty of gardening should be within everyone's reach.


Join us on this vibrant journey as we cultivate not just gardens, but a shared love for awe-inspiring natural beauty. At Hosta Heaven, we're not just selling plants; we're sowing the seeds of inclusive gardening.


Dive into our lush assortment of shrubs, perennials, and hostas, carefully selected for the 2024 growing season.


At Hosta Heaven, we provide the brushstrokes for you to paint the masterpiece that is your garden. Let your garden be a testament to the boundless beauty that can be achieved without emptying your wallet.


Your journey to a breathtaking garden begins here. Explore the unique collection at Hosta Heaven. We don't sell everything. Instead, we focus on what's new, unique, hard to find and rare. Let your garden be the canvas that enhances the beauty of our world.

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