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Dramatic Penstemon 'Midnight Masquerade'

'Midnight Masquerade' is the answer to your quest for a taller, visually captivating foliage option. Midnight Masquerade Penstemon boasts a sturdy clump of deep burgundy-purple leaves, in perfect contrast to the beautiful deep lavender purple blooms.


Floral Elegance

Behold the rich lavender-purple flowers, highlighted by pure white interiors, delicately perched on dark stems just above the foliage. This superior selection surpasses its counterparts with a fuller, refined habit, vibrant flower color, and consistent, floriferous performance.


Must have Sun Garden Essential

Add a touch of sophistication to your sun perennial garden with 'Midnight Masquerade.' Its resilience in the face of heat, humidity, and cold makes it an indispensable addition to any landscape, promising vivid color and enduring beauty throughout the season. Midnight Masquerade thrives in full sun, is drought-tolerant, rarely bothered by insects or diseases and is a breeze to grow.


Hummingbird Haven

Invite the enchantment of hummingbirds as they feast on the delicious nectar of 'Midnight Masquerade.'


Plant 'Midnight Masquerade' Today

Captivating foliage and exquisite blooms transform your garden and attract hummingbirds.

Attract Hummingbirds with Penstemon 'Midnight Masquerade'

SKU: HH13247

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