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Embrace Spring's Beauty with Yuki Kabuki™

Compact Yuki Kabuki™ Deutzia invites the magic of spring into your garden. Infusing vibrant beauty into your landscape. With its natural form and blooming habits, this shrub promises a season of enchantment.


Spring Spectacle of Blooms

Watch as Yuki Kabuki™ bursts into bloom, adorning its branches with delicate pink and white flowers. Let their sweet fragrance and delicate hues user in spring with botanical wonder.


Fall Foliage: A Colorful Finale

As seasons turn, Yuki Kabuki™ captivates with its brilliant transformation. Its foliage erupts into a kaleidoscope of hues, painting your garden with the fiery tones of autumn's embrace.


Versatile and Vigorous: A Garden Essential

Yuki Kabuki™ is versatile as it seamlessly integrates into your landscape. Whether among perennials, in a container, or as a low hedge, its adaptable nature ensures a striking presence.


Why Yuki Kabuki™?

  • Enjoy two seasons of beauty, from spring blooms to fall foliage.
  • Thrives in various garden conditions, ensuring success in any setting.
  • Admire its mounded form, a perfect balance of structure and elegance.
  • Attract beneficial pollinators while resisting deer and drought.


Enrich your garden with Yuki Kabuki™ Deutzia's Today
Charm and allure in both blooms and foliage weave beauty into your outdoor sanctuary. Purchase now and let Yuki Kabuki™ as your guide.

Compact Yuki Kabuki Deutzia: Spring Blooms, Fall Color

SKU: HH8247

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