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Add Grace and Elegance with Hosta 'Dancing in the Moonlight'


Bring enchantment to your shade garden with Hosta 'Dancing in the Moonlight'. This unique hosta, with its beautifully ruffled leaves, adds a touch of whimsy to any garden. 


Hosta 'Dancing in the Moonlight' features extremely ruffled leaves that create the impression of dancing in the breeze. The leaf edges fold up to display ruffling that extends from the tip of the leaf down the length of the petiole.


Glaucous blue leaves are heavily rippled and adorned with wide creamy white margins, adding a striking contrast to the foliage. Near-white flowers appear in midsummer. 


Bring grace and elegance to your garden with this captivating ruffled blue hosta 'Dancing in the Moonlight'.


We offer Hosta 'Dancing in the Moonlight' in a quart pot size, ensuring a strong start in your garden and healthy future growth. You may request more economical bare-root shipping.


Order yours today and watch your garden come to life with this charming plant.

Dancing in the Moonlight: An enchanting ruffled blue hosta


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