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Experience the dazzling brilliance of Hosta 'Fire Island' as its vibrant yellow leaves emerge, casting a radiant glow in your spring garden. Paired with fiery red petioles, it's a sight that's impossible to overlook.


Seasonal Charm: Enduring Summer Elegance

Watch as the bright yellow leaves of Hosta 'Fire Island' evolve throughout the season, transitioning to a rich chartreuse hue while retaining their fiery red petioles. Its lasting appeal adds drama to your garden from spring to autumn.


Distinctive Features: Textured Elegance

Admire the unique characteristics of Hosta 'Fire Island,' from its broadly ovate leaves to its slightly corrugated texture and rippled margins. Each leaf is a work of art, adding texture and interest to your garden landscape.


Experience the vigorous growth of Hosta 'Fire Island'

Its robust presence ensures a striking focal point in your garden landscape, year after year.


Why Choose Hosta 'Fire Island'?

  • Brilliant yellow leaves and fiery red petioles create a stunning display.
  • Transition to chartreuse foliage maintains interest throughout the season.
  • Slightly corrugated foliage enhances the visual appeal.
  • Midsummer blooms of delicate lavender flowers bring the hummingbirds.
  • Vigorous growth ideal for gardens with full shade.


Experience the Striking Beauty of Hosta 'Fire Island' as it illuminates your garden landscape with vibrant fiery color and texture. 

Fire Island Hosta: Bright Yellow Leaves with Red Stems


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