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Indulge in Garden Luxury with Forbidden Fruit Hosta: A Glimpse of Paradise 


Immerse yourself in the beauty of Forbidden Fruit Hosta! A tetraploid sport of 'Orange Marmalade,' it boasts thick leaves with a radiant golden-yellow center, framed by a lush blue-green border.


Tetraploid Marvel: As a quadrupled chromosome sport, Forbidden Fruit surpasses its parent, showcasing robust growth and stunning foliage.


Radiant Elegance: Watch as the central pattern emerges in brilliant gold, aging gracefully to a parchment white, creating a truly breathtaking display. Forbidden Fruit is a statement piece in any garden, truly captivating all who behold it.


Indulge in the Luxury: Forbidden Fruit Hosta offers a glimpse of paradise in your garden. Elevate your outdoor space with this exquisite beauty today! 

Forbidden Fruit Hosta: Stunning Golden Tetraploid Hosta

SKU: HH3456-B
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