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Introducing Funny Mouse Hosta – A Playful Twist on Blue Mouse Ears! Secure Yours Now and Elevate Your Collection with Exclusive Whimsy!

Get Ready to Giggle: With 'Funny Mouse' Hosta, a unique hosta that stands out in the realm of unusual hostas. Born from the renowned Blue Mouse Ears, Funny Mouse is a testament to your commitment to unique specimens, boasting small, round, blue-green leaves with a distinctive white margin in spring. Watch the transformation to creamy-white, a metamorphosis that makes 'Funny Mouse' a must-have in your garden.


In your pursuit of unusual hostas, 'Funny Mouse' stands tall.


Bell-shaped, lavender flowers bloom in mid-summer, adding a touch of elegance to your garden.


Don't miss the opportunity to add this unusual miniature to your collection.

Funny Mouse Hosta

SKU: HH4727-Q

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