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Don't Miss the Blue Ivory Hosta with Striking Blue Leaves and Creamy-White Margins

Enhance your garden with the captivating beauty of the Blue Ivory Hosta. This stunning perennial features bold blue leaves adorned with wide creamy-white margins that create a striking contrast. As summer unfolds, watch in awe as the margins brighten to a pristine white while the center transforms into a cool, soothing blue-green hue.


Vivid Blue Leaves: The foliage of the Blue Ivory Hosta boasts a mesmerizing blue color that adds depth and elegance to your garden.


Creamy-White Margins: The wide creamy-white margins create a dramatic and eye-catching effect, enhancing the overall allure of this hosta.


Seasonal Transformation: Experience the magic of seasonal change as the margins brighten to a pure white and the centers transform to a blue-green, creating a dynamic visual display.


Lavender Flowers: In addition to its captivating foliage, the Blue Ivory Hosta produces charming lavender flowers, adding a touch of delicate beauty.


- *PP Number:* PP19623
- *Sun Exposure:* Partial to Full Shade


Craft a garden delightful garden with the Blue Ivory Hosta. Order yours today and immerse yourself in the enchantment of nature's artistry.

Hosta Blue Ivory: Striking Contrast between Blue Leaves, White Margins

SKU: HH5164-B

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