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Sedum 'Midnight Velvet' boasts captivating dark purple foliage and is a must-have for that sunny spot in your garden. Midnight Velvet is loaded with rosy pink buds right now and ready to burst into bloom. 


Why You’ll Love It:


Unique Color Combination: Enjoy rich, dark purple leaves from early spring, with clusters of mauve buds in late summer that burst into rose-red blooms.


Seasonal Interest: After blooming, the dark red seed heads provide a striking contrast and serve as a food source for birds in winter.


Rabbit Resistant: No more worries about pesky rabbits—'Midnight Velvet' is resistant!


Versatile Landscape Use: Tall, upright sedums form substantial clumps, perfect as a shrub substitute, with sturdy stems that support massive flower heads. They offer seasonal beauty and functionality year-round. 


Optimal Growing Conditions: Ensure your Sedum 'Midnight Velvet' receives ample UV light for the best purple foliage. In too much shade, the leaves may turn greener. 


What you get: Substantial plant in a 1-gallon Proven Winners pot.


Don’t miss out on adding the enchanting Sedum 'Midnight Velvet' to your garden! 


Ready to bring this beauty home?

'Midnight Velvet': Unique Dark Purple Sedum with Rose Red Blooms


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