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Embrace the Radiance of 'Persian Ruby'


Discover the captivating allure of Persian Ruby Day Lily Hemerocallis from the exclusive RAINBOW RHYTHM® Collection.


Infuse Your Garden with Captivating Elegance

Enrich your garden's ambiance with the irresistible charm of Persian Ruby, a big, bold and beautiful purple reblooming daylily.


Purple Reblooming Daylily Beauty for Every Landscape

Persian Ruby a hardy daylily that thrives in diverse environments.


A botanical marvel, Persian Ruby is a masterpiece with its mesmerizing deep purplish-red flowers spanning nearly 8 inches, this daylily is a true spectacle.


The interplay of its lush green throat against the dark petals creates a captivating visual symphony that effortlessly enchants the observer. Distinguished by its rich purple hue, Persian Ruby stands out amidst the flora, eclipsing even its popular counterpart, Ruby Spider.


As summer reaches its zenith, Persian Ruby bursts forth in a dazzling profusion of blooms, courtesy of its abundant bud count, commanding attention and adulation alike.


Persian Ruby is a resilient perennial that defies conventional constraints. Renowned for their adaptability, daylilies like Persian Ruby thrive where others falter. From polluted urban environments to challenging terrains like slopes and arid soils, Persian Ruby perseveres, gracing the landscape with its resplendent blooms.


Even in inhospitable locales such as near salted pavements or beneath the canopy of Black Walnut trees, Persian Ruby remains unfazed by juglone.


Thrive in Every Season

Experience the midseason blooms of Persian Ruby, adorning your garden with vibrant hues from early July onward.


With its tetraploid genetic makeup boasting 44 chromosomes, double other day lillies, Persian Ruby emerges as a towering emblem of strength and vitality. Tetraploids are renowned for their robustness. They produce larger, sturdier plants, ensuring Persian Ruby stands tall amidst your garden's landscape.


Embrace the radiance of Persian Ruby and elevate your landscape with unmatched allure, available at attainable, direct-from-grower pricing.

Persian Ruby Daylily: A Purple Reblooming Daylily

SKU: HH12550

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