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Unleash Garden Drama with Hosta Sting: A Bold Statement 


Discover Dramatic Contrast: Hosta Sting offers a showy display with thick, slug-tolerant dark green leaves adorned by creamy-white flamed centers, creating a striking contrast that commands attention.


Compact Beauty: Forming a compact mound of lush foliage, Sting leaves come to a defined point. Is that why it's named Sting? 


Soft lavender flowers grace thick stalks, rising about 6” above the foliage In summer, adding a touch of elegance to the scene.


Tropical-Inspired Foliage: Sting brings a burst of tropical-like foliage to your garden, creating a lush and vibrant atmosphere.


Elevate Your Landscape: With Hosta Sting, you can bring drama and beauty into your garden.

Sting: A Vibrant Slug Resistant Hosta

SKU: HH3545-B
  • Our #1 bare root hosta signifies a premium, top-quality plant ready to transform your garden. The "#1" designation indicates a bare root system of superior size and health. Our #1 bare roots have been grown for at least one year before being ready for sale and grow up to a full gallon-sized plant in their first season. They’re more vigorous and hardy than hosta liners, which are also called "starter" hostas.

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