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Bring a Touch of Whimsy with Hosta 'Wild Imagination'


Elevate your garden with the unique and captivating Hosta 'Wild Imagination'. This exceptional blue hosta, known for its striking appearance, is now available for you to enjoy. Don’t miss the opportunity to add this wild beauty to your collection.


Hosta 'Wild Imagination' forms a sizeable mound of narrow, twisted, and ruffled leaves, creating a distinctive and whimsical look. It’s an exceptionally large plant for a strap-leaf hosta, offering more than twice the size of the popular 'Silly String'. In early summer, it produces charming lavender flowers, adding a delicate touch to its bold foliage.


For a vibrant presence in your garden, hosta 'Wild Imagination' is available in a quart size or request the bare root option for economical shipping.


Add a touch of whimsy and elegance to your garden with the extraordinary Hosta 'Wild Imagination'. Order yours today and experience the joy of this remarkable plant in your landscape.

Wild Imagination - A large blue hosta with ruffles


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