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What do gardeners do in winter? We dream of visiting lush gardens, like Al's Auto Body and Arboretum

Tree branches heavy with fresh snow prompt garden neighbors to question, What do gardeners do in winter?
A blanket of snow makes our gardens beautiful in a whole new way.

We got 18 inches of snow in the past 36 hours. Aren't sleeping gardens beautiful draped in fresh snow? However, we woke this morning to downed limbs from the white pine and an heirloom crab apple. We're also missing a bird feeder, likely buried in snow; one bluebird house is missing, post and all; another is weighed down with snow and listing precariously; and the Norway Maple branches are tickling the ground under the weight.

Really, what do gardeners do in winter?

As winter blankets our gardens, the love for gardening persists, fueled by dreams of warmer days and vibrant landscapes. One such dreamy haven that has captured my imagination on this snowy day is Al's Auto Body and Arboretum in Walworth, Wisconsin. An unexpected paradise of hostas awaits us when the snow melts and the garden comes to life.

Al's Auto Body and Arboretum might seem like an unlikely destination for gardening neighbors, but don't let the name fool you. Tucked away beyond the old auto body shop lies a hidden gem, a hosta garden sanctuary that will take your breath away!

When you visit, don't be shy. Stroll past the unassuming old auto body shop and be prepared for a revelation. Acres upon acres of hostas sprawl out before us. Do I exaggerate? I think not. They create a haven for those who appreciate the beauty of these versatile plants. It's an enchanting place.

As we meander through self-guided trails, the magic unfolds with each step. The landscape is a mesmerizing display of hostas in every imaginable size, color, and variation – from giant specimens that command attention to delicate baby hostas that capture our hearts. It's a collection that seems almost unreal, boasting hundreds of different kinds of hosta plants that paint the arboretum in a kaleidoscope of hues.

Imagine strolling through this hosta paradise, the air filled with the serenity that only nature can provide. The peacefulness adding an extra layer of allure to the experience. The paths lead us through an otherworldly landscape, where each turn reveals a new wonder, and the sheer variety of hostas creates a sense of awe.

As we, dear gardening neighbors, navigate the winter months and patiently wait for the snow to melt, thoughts of places like Al's Auto Body and Arboretum keep our gardening dreams alive. The promise of warmer days and the chance to explore such hidden gems ignites our passion for the vibrant beauty that awaits in our gardens.

Perennial garden plants are resting up, preparing to spring forth

Let's hold tight to these dreams, whether Hosta Heaven or Al's Auto Body and Arboretum. Soon, the snow will melt, and our gardens will come to life with the lush and verdant beauty of hostas and other garden plants. Until then, let the anticipation of a summer garden excursions warm our gardening spirits.

Happy daydreaming, neighbors!

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