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AKA Japanese Spikenard: Bright Foliage in the Shade

Explore the exotic allure of 'Sun King,' boasting stunning 3-foot compound leaves. Perfect for shade, it pairs beautifully with hostas and woodland perennials, casting a golden glow over your garden.


Spring Brilliance: Radiant Gold

In mid-spring, 'Sun King' emerges with bright gold leaves on reddish brown stems, illuminating shaded spaces. Resistant to deer, it forms a compact clump, growing up to 3 feet tall and wide.


Bright Foliage in the Shade: Add 'Sun King' Today

Transform your shade garden with Aralia cordata 'Sun King.' Embrace its golden radiance and unique charm. Light your garden with Sun King.

Aralia Sun King: Bright Foliage in the Shade

SKU: HH14241

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