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Unveil Elegance with Hosta Touch of Class: A Shade Garden Masterpiece


Discover Garden Excellence: Hosta Touch of Class, a patented beauty, stands out with its intense thick blue leaves adorned by a narrow soft green center that matures to a striking yellow hue. 


Striking Color Combination: The chartreuse to yellow centers with green jetting create a captivating contrast against the beautiful powdery blue leaves, providing plenty of interest and elegance in the shade garden.


Exceptional Attributes: A sport of the stunning June, Touch of Class boasts exceptionally thick leaves with good slug resistance, promoting pristine foliage throughout the season.


Pollinator Paradise: Like all hostas, Lavender flowers lure pollinators in midsummer, adding to the charm and vibrancy of your garden sanctuary.


Add the striking beauty of Hosta Touch of Class to your garden masterpiece!

Beautiful Blue Touch of Class Hosta: Thick Leaves, Slug Resistant

SKU: HH3788-B

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