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Ben Vernooy Hosta: A Bold Statement in Blue and Gold!


Introducing the stunning Ben Vernooy Hosta, a captivating tetraploid sport derived from the beloved 'First Frost.' With its thick, intense blue leaves and an expansive yellow edge, this hosta variety is a true showstopper in any garden.


The vibrant blue leaves of Ben Vernooy are complemented by a wide and vivid yellow edge, creating a mesmerizing display that adds instant flair to your outdoor space.


Known for its durability, this hosta is a hardy perennial that thrives in a variety of conditions. Whether you're a seasoned gardener or just starting, Ben Vernooy is an excellent choice for its ease of care and resilience.


Perfect for borders, containers, or as a standout feature in your landscape, Ben Vernooy Hosta is an ideal focal point in both sun-dappled and shaded areas.


Ben Vernooy is a Tetraploid

In the realm of plants, a tetraploid is a genetic marvel that sets itself apart by having four sets of chromosomes, as opposed to the usual two sets found in diploid plants. This increased chromosomal complexity often results in unique and enhanced characteristics, such as bolder colors, larger sizes, improved vigor, or rugose texture.


As a tetraploid, Ben Vernooy Hosta boasts extra thick leaves with a unique color intensity. This genetic richness not only makes tetraploids fascinating from a biological standpoint but also translates into visually stunning and robust specimens for avid gardeners like you and me.


Embrace the wonders of a tetraploid in your garden and witness the extraordinary traits that set these plants apart in the world of horticulture.

Ben Vernooy Hosta

SKU: HH2094-B

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