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Introducing BLOOMERANG BALLET™: The Ultimate Reblooming Lilac


Experience the Best Reblooming Lilac

Step into a world of botanical innovation with BLOOMERANG BALLET™, the epitome of reblooming lilacs. As the crowning jewel of the esteemed Bloomerang series, it stands as a testament to progress and excellence in horticulture.


Unmatched Reblooming Power

Prepare to be mesmerized by BLOOMERANG BALLET™ and its unrivaled reblooming prowess. Following an abundant spring display of fragrant, pink-purple flowers, it takes a brief respite before returning with a flourish in late summer through fall, treating you to a captivating encore performance.


Fragrance and Beauty

Indulge your senses in the delightful fragrance of BLOOMERANG BALLET™'s blossoms, enveloping your garden in mesmerizing  scent. With each bloom, your landscape transforms into an oasis of fragrance, color and charm.


A Gardener's Dream

It's like spring again when BLOOMERANG BALLET™ reblooms. It's a strong rebloomer with with a prolific nature that ensures a big flush of new blooms later in summer, bringing joy and beauty to your garden spring to fall.


Plant BLOOMERANG BALLET™ Today and Experience the Reblooming Revolution

Join the renaissance of reblooming lilacs with BLOOMERANG BALLET™, the strongest and most prolific member of the Bloomerang series. Witness unmatched beauty and fragrance in your garden when you plant BLOOMERANG BALLET™.

BLOOMERANG BALLET™: The Best Reblooming Lilac

SKU: HH10247

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