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Unmatched Elegance and Grandeur


Introducing the Blue Angel Hosta, a botanical masterpiece with leaves like angel's wings. Blue Angel redefines the beauty of large-scale hostas with its stunning blue-green leaves and captivating white flower clusters, this extraordinary plant is a true marvel in any garden.


Majestic Size
Behold the grandeur of the Blue Angel Hosta with its exceptionally large and bold blue leaves. This hosta stands tall, making a striking statement in any landscape. Perfect for those who crave a garden centerpiece that commands attention.


Exquisite Foliage
The blue-green leaves of Blue Angel are vast and they boast an enchanting hue. The unique coloration adds depth and richness, creating a soothing and serene atmosphere in your outdoor space.


Charming White Flowers
As summer approaches, watch as your Blue Angel graces your garden with elegant white flower clusters. The contrast between the blue foliage and the pristine blossoms is a sight to behold.


We know. Not everyone likes hosta flowers, but with Blue Angel the contrast is gorgeous and the bees and hummingbirds will thank you. 


High Impact with Low Maintenance
Despite its grand appearance, the Blue Angel Hosta is surprisingly easy to care for. With minimal maintenance requirements, you can enjoy the beauty of this large hosta without the hassle. Perfect for both seasoned gardeners and beginners alike.



Order yours today and experience the unparalleled beauty of this remarkable plant.


Note: Due to the Blue Angel Hosta's popularity, availability may be limited. Secure yours now to avoid disappointment.

Blue Angel Hosta

SKU: HH3836-B

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