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Ignite Your Garden with Fire & Ice Hosta: A Whirlwind of Contrast 


Unveil Pure Elegance: Experience the ethereal beauty of Fire & Ice Hosta! Its pure white leaves, with deep green margins, create a stunning contrast and bring the light to your shade garden.


Variegated Whirlwind: Admire the leaves' unique twist, resembling a whirlwind or dervish and showcasing white centers and green margins.


Garden Harmony: Perfect for shaded gardens and borders, Fire & Ice offers a captivating edging that enhances any landscape.


Lavender Dreams: Delight in the delicate light lavender flowers that adorn the white scapes, rising above the foliage clumps throughout summer.


Timeless Beauty: Fire & Ice Hosta, an herbaceous perennial, adds a touch of drama to your garden.


Embrace Fire & Ice and create your own symphony of contrasts today!

Fire & Ice Hosta: A Whirlwind of Hosta Contrast

SKU: HH1394-B
  • 3 - 8

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