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Experience the Beauty and Unveil 'First Blush' Hosta – Your Garden's Perfect Companion!

The enchanting 'First Blush' Hosta is a botanical masterpiece that adds a touch of elegance to your garden. With its captivating purplish-red leaves in the spring held aloft on red legs (red petioles), this medium-sized hosta is a visual delight.


First Blush features narrowly ovate leaves with a subtle wave, offering a smooth texture and thin, substance as delicate as its blush. As the season unfolds, the initial burst of purplish-red transforms into a lush green, creating a dynamic display in your garden.


The magic continues in mid-July through August when red flower scapes burst forth with rich purple flowers. This breathtaking floral arrangement adds a burst of color and charm to the traditional green of hostas, making your garden a haven of natural beauty.


'First Blush' Hosta is truly one-of-a-kind. It's combination of traits makes it a botanical gem, setting it apart from all others.


With the competitive pricing at Hosta Heaven, the beauty and grace of the must-have 'First Blush' Hosta can be yours. Embrace the allure of the exquisite First Blush. 

First Blush Hosta

SKU: HH7645-B

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