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Soar Above the Ordinary with Hosta 'Above the Clouds,' a Proven Winners SHADOWLAND® Beauty

'Above the Clouds' is a captivating addition to the Proven Winners SHADOWLAND® collection with expansive, cloudy blue leaves and a unique puckered texture that sets it apart.


A Blue Marvel

Escape to a realm of tranquility with 'Above the Clouds,' where its cupped, blue leaves offer a serene sanctuary in your garden landscape. Distinguished from its counterparts by its rounded leaves and smooth margins, this hosta is a refined specimen.



Exemplary Presence and Performance

Embrace 'Above the Clouds,' for a long season of appeal, leaves of substantial quality. Let this premium hosta reign supreme in your garden.


Reach New Heights with 'Above the Clouds'

Hosta 'Above the Clouds' from the SHADOWLAND® brings unparalleled elegance and performance. Help your garden soar above the clouds.

Hosta 'Above the Clouds' with Unique Blue Leaves

SKU: HH12249

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