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Brighten Your Garden with Hosta Fried Bananas - Chartreuse Sun Hosta


Sunshine Sensation: Introducing Hosta Fried Bananas—a radiant delight that thrives in the sun! Derived from 'Guacamole', its shiny chartreuse yellow foliage intensifies in sunlight, offering a vibrant display from spring to fall.


Textural Excellence: With wavy, texturally superior leaves, Fried Bananas adds dimension and interest to any garden space.


Fast-Growing: Embrace its vigorous growth as it quickly fills borders, containers, and even serves as striking ground cover in both sun and shade.


Fragrant Butterfly Haven: Fragrant white flowers attract butterflies, enhancing the charm of this sun-loving marvel.


Bring sunshine into your garden with Hosta Fried Bananas—a glowing addition that brightens any landscape!

Hosta Fried Bananas - Chartreuse Leaves

SKU: HH6502-B
  • Full sun, partial shade, full shade.

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