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Bring on the  sophistication of Hosta 'Great Expectations'.


True to its name, this exquisitely variegated hosta variety delivers beauty and charm that’s well worth the wait. Hosta 'Great Expectations' features thick, puckered, broadly ovate leaves that are remarkably slug resistant.


The wide, irregular blue-green margins encircle an ever-changing center that transitions from chartreuse in the spring, to yellow, to creamy yellow, and finally to white, with colors varying depending on light levels. Fern green streaks painted between the margin and center make each leaf a unique masterpiece.


In early to midsummer, dense masses of white flowers bloom just above the foliage on 24" scapes, adding a touch of elegance to this already stunning hosta.  Transform your garden with the timeless beauty of Hosta 'Great Expectations'.

Order yours today in a quart size pot or save on shipping by requesting the bare root option and we'll remove the pot and soil for economical shipping.

Mesmerizing variegated hosta variety Great Expectations!


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