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Indulge in Sweet Rosy Splendor with Hosta Sorbet


Discover Unexpected Beauty: Prepare to be amazed by Sorbet hosta red stems. It's a captivating variety that surprises with its bold colored legs! Bright green foliage edged in icy white is just the beginning.


Vibrant Contrasts: Sorbet boasts contrasting red petioles that add a dynamic element and cause a stir in your garden space. Consider planting in a pot or elevated space to show off her legs! 


Unique Elegance: Ideal for brightening shady borders or container gardens, Sorbet is truly one-of-a-kind.


Floral Finale: Lavender flowers in late summer add even more color to the mix, completing the symphony of hues.


Landscape Harmony: For maximum impact, plant Sorbet in groups along garden paths or shadowy walkways, creating a mesmerizing journey through your garden oasis.


Hosta Sorbet is a delicious treat for the eyes, with color that delights and enchants.


*Tested free from HVX in 2024

Sorbet Hosta: Red Stems (Legs)

SKU: HH4825-B
  • Partial to full shade

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